12- 16 May 2021 Opera On Website Duration: TBC / Language: English, Mandarin 普通話 & Cantonese 粵語 Pandemic opera is a new format of opera due to the pandemic that began in 2019 which will be presented online without geographical […]

12-16 May 2021 Dance On Website Duration: 15mins NIGHT MARKET navigates the complexities in building cultural identities from the artists’ perspectives as “Third Culture Kids” (TCK). It is a personal journey of collecting memories, stories and reminders of home to […]

12 – 16 May 2021 Music On Website Duration: 26mins 五十男樂團希望通過藝術節來分享他們的故事。樂團於2019年計劃了兩場音樂會,邀請了來自中國、香港和印尼的作曲家創作多首委約作品。而突如其來的疫情打破了樂團原有的演出計劃和所有準備事宜,樂團亦沒有了演奏這些委約作品的機會。疫情之下,兩場演出取消;口罩之後,滿面無奈。 因此,五十男樂團希望能在靠邊站藝術節中作世界首演,亦借此機會分享他們這一年半的經歷,如何在疫情下運作一場別出心裁的音樂演出。在無界之界主題之下,五十男樂團想用音樂告訴大家,音樂從來都沒有年齡、水平和國籍的界限。 五十男兒頭未白,三千管樂徹雲霄。 —— Men of Winds would like to use the festival to present their story. The band scheduled two concerts in 2020, and the preparations for these concerts […]

12-16 May 2021 Exhibition On Website Since the attack of the pandemic, people from all around the world have all been quarantined in different ways. This long lasting isolation of individuals has a long lasting impact on everyone of us […]

12-16 May 2021 Screening On Website Duration: 11mins / Language: Chinese 技術社會的生命安全和隱私安全本就交纏,疫情加劇了二者在人們心中的撕扯。在網約車這個公開又私密的特殊空間,疫情下的不安持續發酵——為謀生上路的司機、需要出行的乘客、全程錄音的網約車平臺……惴惴不安中,兩難處境下,一切是現實,也是隱喻。嘀嗒而過時間裏,我們又該怎樣去記住一切? 技術社會的生命安全和隱私安全本就交纏,疫情加劇了二者在人們心中的撕扯。在網約車這個公開又私密的特殊空間,疫情下的不安持續發酵——為謀生上路的司機、需要出行的乘客、全程錄音的網約車平臺……惴惴不安中,兩難處境下,一切是現實,也是隱喻。嘀嗒而過時間裏,我們又該怎樣去記住一切? —— Artists 導演:李大汪後期:多多